Apr 18, 2015

The Stolen Child Tarot has 39 patrons!

The latest on The Stolen Child Tarot is that I'm using Patreon to complete the artwork for the Minor Arcana!

To thank people who throw a little support behind me in this endeavor, I've got an exclusive work-in-progress sketchbook and some other cool rewards -- many of which are vanishing quickly! :)

Like original art? Want an original painting from the deck? There's a support level where you will get to choose a completed card painting! (Think of it like a win-win installment plan. You get original art and your support ensures that that art can get made!)

Right now the campaign has 39 supporters! I'm floored!  And already, new cards are being completed! You can see some of the new works below, but if you want an exclusive first look at everything, consider becoming a supporter!

Here's the link:

Four of Oak
Four of Flame

Two of Oak