Jul 25, 2015

Mugs and Tote bags!

I've gone back and forth about print on demand sites, you know?
On the one hand, you're making your work available in a variety of forms and not having to carry inventory, but on the other, they get pirated regularly from overseas poster print outfits, which means you just lost complete control of some of your images.
Remember that line from News Radio? "You can't take something off the internet! That's like trying to take pee out of the pool!"

Anyway, I've put a couple things on Society6, and the response to the t-shirts and mugs has been super encouraging!

If you feel the need to bolster Hammonds ego or just want a pink giraffeicorn all over your morning coffee (or hell, maybe your shower curtain?) head over there and check it out. I'm especially pleased with how the wrap around image from The Stolen Child Tarot came out on the coffee mugs! All sales help me keep doing what I'm doing -- trying to finish that deck! :)

Also if you see these these images pop up on any other print on demand sites -- THEY WERE STOLEN.  (Please give me a heads up!)
It's that simple. Society6 is the only one I'm using. :)