Mar 4, 2014

Projects and Goals for 2014

Projects and Goals for 2014

Yesterday was my birthday, so that was my official start 
to 2014, and this year I have three big things I'm working 
to accomplish. :)
  • The Magician's Cat, both ebook AND a print edition
  • A support campaign to continue art on Stolen Child Tarot
  • A second collected art book of my demons, The Lost Key to Infernal Spirits of the New World
Read on for details on each!
 Artwork for Magician's Cat is a whisker away from complete! 
 I should be done by mid March and have the ebook formatted 
and available (FREE!) for all by early April!  Also after a little
 research with a printer here in Austin, and due to popular
 demand, I'm going to try to put out a PRINT edition!
I will be Kickstarting that in late April, and the campaign will 

offer opportunities to grab some of the original art from the 
book as well as other goodies! In the spirit of the original
 project, copies of the print edition will also go to Central 
Texas SPCA for fundraising!  

For those following the Monster Project... I have a confession to make...
 they aren't monsters.  They're demons.
And I have too many of them.
I can't even begin to list all the places they arrive from or how
 many just wander in.  It starts with one or two and the next
 thing you know your place is packed.  I'm not a hoarder --
 I prefer the term 'rescuer'.
 Anyway, the neighbors are complaining, so I've made the hard decision
 to start adopting them out.  In fact, I'm going to start this Friday, March 7th.
Adoption fees I hope will cover my other art book project,
The Lost Key to Infernal Spirits of the New World, a book of 72
portraits of my favorite of these homeless horrors.
Friday a special email bulletin will go out to those interested in adoption.
You've been warned.

The Future of The Stolen Child Tarot

Good News!  In the next couple of months, I will be launching
 a Patreon campaign devoted 100% to the completion
of The Stolen Child Tarot.

What is Patreon?
It's a project site allowing creators to connect with people who
 want to be a patron of their work.  It's goal is to assist creators with
 long term funding for larger/longer creative endeavors --
you can check out their site here, but in short I would be setting goals
 of completing one or more of the remaining 50 cards per month and
asking those interested to pledge $1-$2 a month in exchange for
behind the scenes news, sneak peeks of progress and whatever
other goodies I can come up with.

I truly want to continue Stolen Child at the level of quality
 I've put in so far and I feel that the Patreon campaign is a
 great option to support such a large endeavor. 

I hope you'll check it out when I bring it live and consider supporting
the deck! :)
And last but not least, I'm running a Spring sale on some of my
 acrylic pieces in my etsy shop!
Monica's Etsy Shop