Jan 11, 2014

Commission and Artist for Hire Info

Commission Rates:

As of January 1st, I am no longer able to take pet portrait or other single commission work.  I need to catch up/complete my current projects, so I'm not able to schedule waiting list slots right now either.  Thank you so much for your understanding.  I will update here when I get caught up and start taking on new jobs.  You can also check my etsy shop - I will begin listing pet portrait openings there when they become available.

Book Illustration Info and Rates:

**Please Read**  I do not do any illustration work on spec.  
What is spec?  If you've written (or are planning to write) a children's book, fantasy novel, gaming module, etc and are looking for an artist to illustrate it before you self publish or submit it for commercial publication and plan for the artist to be paid out of royalties -- that is spec.  Your project may be fantastic, but unfortunately I don't have a time machine to buy my groceries. :)

I will consider publication contracts that allow some advance on royalties to allow me to begin work, or in the case of self published or smaller projects, 50% of the negotiated payment for the completed project up front.

Ballpark Rates
Pencils - $50-$80 for half to full page
Pen and Ink - $100-300 for quarter page to full page
Full color - $200-$450 for quarter page to full page

Rates are negotiable for multi-illustration projects and depending on number of figures, detail, complexity of content.  Feel free to email me with specifics if you'd like to discuss an estimate.