Aug 8, 2013

Monsters! Monkeys! August Shows!

I am wrapping up assembly on my new jewelry designs and getting ready to send out Kickstarter rewards!  Also, the new pieces will be unveiled at the Austin Craft Riot's Summer Show this August 17th and 18th at Austin Music Hall.  If you're in the Austin area, you should check it out -- there will be tons of handmade, Swag bags given away to the first 24 entrants each day, Yeti Frozen Custard will be there, it's family friendly and FREE!  Come say 'hi'!

The Bee and the Raven pieces were designs produced by the Kickstarter campaign, but I'd like to put some unusual variations into production too -- sort of a small batch/special edition type of thing.  The Winged Monkey with beads below is a gussied up prototype, but I've decided it will be the first of the variations to produce.  I hope to have it and another new design out by the Summer Show!  Also, be on the lookout for my seahorse/hippocampus in sea glass colored acrylic, and white wood editions of the Skeleton Key and Soaring Heart Designs.  I'm looking at options to fund their production for the Christmas show season! 

The round winged monkey design looks like a batch of cookies, doesn't it? :)

Oh, and did I mention the weekend after ACR Summer Show is Here There Be Monsters Con?  This mini-con will be at Vuka on S 1st in Austin and will feature monsters, game demos, pro special effects make-up artists, monsters, local authors and artists and did I mention MONSTERS?  I've been hatching new ones as quick as I can for the event.  Here's one now...