Apr 25, 2013

Custom Shop Branding and Graphics Assistance!

Here's my full custom shop pack for Crescent City Couture!

Do you need a matching shop pack for Etsy or Facebook?  I am offering a full pack starting at $300!

Facebook Banner
Etsy Shop Banner
Up to 3 Shop Banner Variations (vacation, sale announcements, etc)
1-2 Profile Avatars
Up to 10 matching shop buttons - you choose the message
Business Card design

What you provide:
  • The vision!
  • Email me samples of shops whose looks you admire to give me an idea of flavor.
  • I can use and color match clip art that is 300 dpi -- take a look at digital scrapbook pieces and let me know what you're thinking.  Many digital images are under $5.
  • Color scheme!  Crescent City Couture's entire color scheme was based on the clip art of the feathered mask.
  • Show me some fonts you like!
  • Some time to review samples and give me feedback - Be ready to email back and forth to make adjustments and get things just right.

If you have a lovely collage idea in your head, I can help bring it to life and format it into matching shop components!  While I can adjust to some degree existing clip art, this work does not include creating original art from scratch or vector logo design.  

Have a smaller project?  I can do spot adjustments for $20 an hour.
I recently did a quick conversion for Marci who needed rubber stamp designs created from low resolution jpegs off her sticker and Etsy banner components.  This involved some clean-up, art tweaking and layout, but now she has high resolution files suitable for making custom rubber stamps!
This will allow her to stamp her brand on fabrics...

...and this one will let her stamp stationary, invoices and the back of her business cards.
Let me know what you need and I'll give you an estimate!