Feb 7, 2013

It's Coming! Let's Complete the Stolen Child Tarot!

I am gearing up to launch a BIG Kickstarter campaign on Feb 14th in the hopes of expanding The Stolen Child Tarot to a complete 78 card deck -- and I need your help!

I want to make this my project for 2013, but doing 50 + paintings and covering printing/shipping etc is a lot of work and expense.  That means that even with tight and careful budgeting, this will be the largest funding goal I've campaigned for on Kickstarter -- and I need everyone's help to make this happen!

Which is why I'm trying to get the word out early and before the launch!
Why early? Let me explain...
**This is super important and could potentially make or break the project!**   See, the first campaign for the Major Arcana of Stolen Child didn't reach it's goal.  As an introvert, my meek and polite attempts at PR and advertising kind of suck, and by the time a lot of people learned about Kickstarter and the campaign, well, oops...  Too late!

However, when I reran the campaign, so many people were ready and waiting, that it jumped out of the gate at the launch!  Why is this important?  Because it made the project meet Kickstarter's hot and popular criteria, which led to them featuring it on various Kickstarter pages, which led to a boost of about 20% of BRAND NEW SUPPORTERS!  These were people who had never heard of it and weren't connected to my circles. To meet the funding goal for a project this size, getting that kind of boost again could make or break the campaign!

My hope is that we can create enough pre-campaign buzz to get that boost again -- will you help?  If you can, won't you share the news with your friends, tarot groups, forums, and let them know that Feb 14th is the big day?

If you're a fan of The Stolen Child Tarot, on Feb 14th, won't you be my Valentine and pledge or support the project?  If you know you want to pledge, can I ask you to do it as soon as you can after the launch to increase our chances of being featured on Kickstarter?

I will post updates and launch links here, as well as on Facebook, Etsy, tarot forums, etc.  You can also get updates by signing up for my art newsletter in that upper left hand box!